Yellow is not my favorite colour

I live in a farm. Well, to be frank at least a third of my life I have spent in a farm.  Since the age of fourteen my mama has been debiting her accounts to keep me in the city schools.  The much a farm can offer is indefinite avocado paste, I like it when it’s excessively spread on my slices of bread.  Back here in my home country, village girl is a label that precisely describes a woman of my descent.  However, the two-thirds of my life spent in city schools have spared me the label. The beauty of it all, living in a farm, is that it has earned me a title ‘an animal psychiatrist’ well, if there are any, haha!. The observance of cattle, goats, sheep, rabbits, chicken, ducks and turkeys has enlightened me on various animal behavioral characteristics. A ‘born-town’ would definitely cap my freely earned title as gross! But well, I’m still proud of it and at least I get to salivate over the turkey, can’t wait for Christmas. Yellow is not my favorite colour, but last weekend in my hunt and gather for avocados, enough to last for two weeks in my stay here in the city, something beautiful and captivating stole my attention, the flower, yellow flower.


I am partially poetic (well, one of my friends thinks I am) and there’s something about this flower that kept words streaming from my mind, down to the keyboard…

“In a bud you’re imprisoned for days, not as a form of torture but for growth

Days after you glow too bright, not sufficient to erase cruelty in an ex-convict’s mind

You’re held captive to prep for blossoming, s/he is a captive for pain, slavery  and    degrading punishment

Your parent cells transport water and food, s/he didn’t get enough for the stomach

The solar shines bright on you, they fight for the sun rays beaming through the roof holes”

I am not defender for wrong but…

It’s inhuman when the cell is overcrowded, too suffocated to deny fresh air

It’s injustice to be ignorant of the poor sanitation, thousands of bacteria to cause infection

It’s contrary to humanity to offer corporal punishment, there are better ways to correct a wrong

Authorize and execute a death penalty, even David after his feast on Bathsheba was forgiven, no sin is beyond redemption

To our mean authorities, who consistently oppress and delve into the inmates flesh, Asa (Nigerian French Singer) reminds  you that:

“…you’re in chains too

                 …you wear uniforms too 

                  …rearrange your philosphies and be good to your fellow man”

The truth is…

S/he did wrong, disobeyed the law, caused harm but not a lesser human being

It’s right to maintain humanity even when s/he’s an offender

Observe and respect human rights within the confines of cold walls


Not always a bed of roses

Green environment, branches calm, tuning to my thoughts, some silly which I often smile at, smile that breaks into laughter when the hopping grasshoppers trigger the nostalgic nerve. They remind me of my kindergarten playmate with whom we wandered in grasslands trying to catch grasshoppers. It was a competitive activity and I barely won. Mark often filled his jar while I only caught a handful. Yes, I love chilling in calm environments and chasing after grasshoppers is no longer my hobby. It’s on a Saturday and the birds are extremely noisy, really disturbing and as I walk around to fight the distractions, I notice a man, so appealing, sitting on a bench but the whispers around him tell a different story, a sad story. I personally dislike sad stories but when they turn out to be a reality, I can’t help but embrace them.

The truth is; we are tuned to desire comfort, friends to success, prosperity and beneficiaries of a luxurious life and our antennae sway as much as possible to positive frequency. Nobody loves struggles. Unfortunately, ‘life is not always a bed of roses’ and as much as one may avoid being a victim of pain and difficulties, it just mysteriously occurs. Probably cleared out of college, good grades to buy you a ticket to work in one of the best firms in town and the piled books on your reading table intensify pride and happiness as you fantasy a dream car that you are about to own on your first job. It’s a good payback, you think. The missed hangouts are consequently paying with a bigger reward. Unluckily, rejection is the only feedback to your application letters. Establish an infant company with high anticipation for giant profits but it collapses and brings forth massive losses. Breakups, lost friendships, loss of a loved one, victim of sequential hurricanes, drowning in stormy seas or thirst and hunger in a real life desert they are all part of life.

Unexpected outcomes in life crush on peace and hope. The two things that constitute a steering wheel to progress. For days, months or even years, you are an immovable inhabitant in a world clouded with sadness, anger and feelings of neglect. But let’s make an about-turn, when life gives you lemons, crush them lemons and make lemonade. The saying ‘life is not always a bed of roses’ serves as a reminder that hitches or obstacles in life are normality. Though you may be lying on a ‘bed of thorns’ too sharp to cut deep into you flesh and cause bleeding, the much you can do is to collect and function under the broken pieces of hope and keep the mind focused on a better picture.

Tough times are there to strengthen us; they are the days that we ought to be grateful for, ingredients for baking strong armour to shield us from physical and emotional injuries in the battles we will definitely encounter in the nearby future.

Embrace all the gifts that life offers you. When the gifts are really sweet and you wanna hold on to the taste forever, enjoy. When the gifts are bitter herbs squeeze in and swallow the juice, ultimately the taste buds will be bold enough to tolerate more juice in the future.

Homeless child

begging child

Miss! Miss! Can I please have a piece of an orange?

Voice so faint, hungry-demanding eyes, hands outstretched,

Touched, I place the left pieces on the begging hands

I hastily walk down the street to catch the last minute bus. It gets angrier when my co-passenger stares at me, you know, like I wiped empty his entire fridge.

Man, w’sup? Am I stinky? I might have stepped on rotten avocados somewhere along the street.

Umh..mmmh..No, no Missy, Sorry, Are you okay? I mean twenty minutes have passed and you’ve been murmuring, alone.

Chuckles, man, sometimes these non-audible voices off-load my hefty thoughts.

But yes, something was bothering me pretty much, usually these murmurs occur behind closed doors, but the voices were so loud to be withheld.

We all have come across them, homeless kids.

Clothes soaking wet, raindrops seeped through the single blanket cover

On pavement, they hold tight, exchange little conversations, but it’s too impermeable to soak in the tears, deaf to listen and dumb to respond

Bruise on the cheek, got kicked by a grumpy being while trying to beg for a cup of coffee

Pitiful faces they stick on bus and car windows, quick we close the windows

Mum! Mum! May I carry your luggage for some pennies? They shout

Choreographic moves they make along the streets, very amusing

Rudely we slap their hands off our linen

In the bin, they suffocate searching for leftovers, fight for the one piece pizza, suck the few juice droplets off the straw

I perceive…

The clouds fighting to cover up the scorching sun, to save the child’s hydration

The crescent moon smiling to uplift the child’s spirit

Stars congregating to form a helping hand gesture

Wind blowing dirt off the pavement, to make clean the sleeping environment

Ground holding the collapsed wall so tight, save if from falling

Temperature degree Celsius rising to keep the child warm

Yes, that’s the beauty of nature. But what impact would it be if we collaborated with nature to save these children?

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Let’s talk about dreams

What runs through your mind when you think about dreams? I perceive them as beautiful images and video clips visualized in our minds. Like an image of a mansion and a clip of kids playing in the backyard or an image of an established company and a clip of a bunch of employees working hard to meet deadlines. Got it? Of course you did. The pictures and clip of people living in freedom as I presume the Late Martin Luther King perceived in his fight for freedom, defines a dream. Well fought Martin Luther!

Dreams trigger hard work, influence early wake up alarm rings and burning of the midnight oil.  Getting to a faint taste, smell or touch of the dream is quite rough. It was never easy for Martin Luther. Nonetheless, the bumps along the road to freedom were never a setback for him. He kept on fighting for freedom regardless.

In the dream journey we encounter a series of failure and frustration. Though it’s common for human beings to be inclined into giving up, it’s not the right option. Thomas Edison experienced 1000 unsuccessful attempts in the process of inventing a light bulb but he accomplished the invention nevertheless. Challenged? It’s the right thing to arise above failures until a once envisioned imagery becomes a reality.

Our human race would be in pain of life threatening paralysis if Jonas Edward Salk did not discover the polio vaccine. Find your dream and invest your time and resources in accomplishment. Achieved dreams contribute to global developments. We wouldn’t be enjoying the luxury of networking with people from all over the world if internet was never discovered. Be among the key persons in the worldly records of great achievements. The small company you visualize is a source of funds to a hunger stricken household. Chase your dreams! Be the solution!

Letter to a Twenty Year Old

The day I turned twenty I was so delighted. I had it all updated in my social media accounts. I perceived it as a great achievement to be beyond teen age. In the spur of “I’m all grown up kinda feeling” I took an initiative to invest part of my time in nature walks. During my adventures I caught glimpses of diverse species of birds and at times I was thrilled by the young blooming flowers along the paths and canopy featured trees. It was worthwhile. I’m no longer twenty and y’all! I am so relished to spill insightful guidelines to a twenty year old.

  • Relationships

It’s real love when someone cares enough to lend you light in your darkest hours, saves you from following crooked paths and making reckless decisions, respects your opinion and body and jubilates at every achievement. Love is easy to disguise and we have perfectionists in impersonation of loving with ultimate aim to delve into your flesh. Don’t get lured. Wait! don’t be a victim of impersonated love instead focus on building a stronger foundation for your future. Later in the years you’ll be so grateful to attract a worth partner.

Invest into reliable friendships. Engage with people you share common interests. Networking is crucial. It’s the people you have established friendship with that shall play a part into walking you through the ladder of success.

  • Don’t dwell under the spell of procrastination

Procrastination is the enemy of success and the guilt of not doing something always steals your energy” Barbabra Corcoran. If you are assigned tasks don’t wait until the sinking of the sun to perform. Immediately embark on performance of the task, it gives you time to consider a spectrum of ideas on how to best achieve a good result.

  • Maximize your talents and skills

One among the few things that fascinate me is the fact that we’ve certain ingrained natural abilities. Be bold in utilizing your talents and skills. Following the automation of most jobs, the traditional jobs are rapidly degrading. We have been left with the option of feeding on our talents and entrepreneurship skills, be the go getter, be creative and innovative, formulate your content and showcase it to the whole world. Be the master to control your fears, don’t cling to mistakes and be open to learn. Challenge yourself! You need not worry of the market. The internet has created a global based market. You will be surprised of how much you can process and produce and it will offer you gratification.

  • Avoid being spontaneous

Hasty decisions can ruin your life. Seek guidance and be informed before making a major decision. Hold insightful conversations with parents. Don’t blindly follow the actions of your peers. Don’t be quickly tricked into drug abuse. It’s not worth a try. It has the capability of dementia effect.

  • Read a wide range of book genres

Reading keeps you updated and informed. It offers knowledge, counsel and guidance. It’s an eye opener. It gives wisdom to act on. It enriches your thoughts and builds your capacity to produce exceptional and intelligent actions.

  • Be grateful

Above all appreciate the people around you. Adopt a courteous thanks to good deeds. Be grateful for everything you have. Don’t dwell or get discouraged by the little you have. All you need is your brains to work things out. People are always willing to help a hardworking and diligent soul.

  • Failure is not a synonymous of the “I will never make it”

In my junior years in high school I was never a mathematician. But it didn’t discourage me from working and trying harder. In fact at the end it was a celebration. Rise up and wipe your dust, kick off the bucket of failure, don’t be feeble, seek help, consult and engage further in trying until you shine in success.

with lots of love! Faith.

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Goodbye to corruption

Corruption is obnoxious. A foul to people senses, nuisance in people lives, an enemy to the people and catalyst for poverty. It’s unfortunate that there are so many resourceful and intellect tailors sewing the corruption fabric, knitting every thread tightly to impede any tear. Elites lured into the philosophy of more wealth more contentment are fraudulently amassing resources and depriving the disadvantaged of every possession. They are feeding heinously and mercilessly on the poor sweat of brow, colouring and mudding the entire governing system with corruption patches. On the other hand are victims attesting to the parasitic draining of their blood but destitute in resources to fight for their rights. The end result is division of nationals into classes with the elites flourishing at the expense of the disabled civilians. Corruption distasteful in our mouths it ought not to be ingrained into our systems. At the end what matters is enough for the stomach and posterity. Any surplus is vanity.