Bride’s wish

When I fall off the cliff, weave the sisal plant leaves into a cord, lift me from below

The river along the roadside may dry, but forget not to water the enthusiastic spirit in me

Don’t let my mind to thicken in unresolved issues, with a power saw trim this forest of issues

During heavy rains, when a threatening lighting cuts across my skin to my heart, offer a safeguard

We may amusingly gaze at a flying away kite, but save me from getting carried away by the strong wind

Haunted festivals, we may have fun, but never leave me in a venom-painted dark hole

When I will be walking in circles looking for displaced items, gently hold my hand, remind me of the many circles I drew the moment I met you

In this life race, don’t stand far aside, be close by to cheer me on

In old age, when my sight will be dull, light the lamp along the way

Yes, you’re the bridegroom, it’s my wish you will forever groom beautiful self


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