Babes and heartbreaks

Monday noon, but her bed is warm. Energy slowly seeping from her joints. Deprived the luxury to move beyond the bed frames. Yesternight she broke the bedside lampshade. The broken pieces on the mat are driving her crazy. She can’t figure out how to glue her broken heart. On the couch I drag her restless body. Open a letter, “To Susan” it reads,

“Sammy my dove, has a wound on her leg. She was bitten by a puppy while she was flapping her wings on puppy’s back, trying to win attention and love. I am currently nursing her wound. Hoping she will recognize her self worth. And understand real love doesn’t tag along bites and wounds.

When you’re clueless about who you really are, what you stand for and what you want in life, you board every train offering a ride. It doesn’t matter whether the train is roadworthy or wrecked. You just board. Frustrations and heartbreaks arise when unfinished seats on the wrecked train tear your pretty summer dress. Dust blowing through broken windows ruins your hair. Precious luggage gets lost along the way. Your head gets cracked against the rails after the train falls of the way. At that particular moment, it’s alarming you set feet on the wrong train. Healing comes when you choose not to chase after the pieces of summer dress that got stuck on the wrecked train but choose to board a roadworthy train. A train matching your values and standards. A train that respects your self worth. A train that offers the best view of beauty alongside the railways. And a train that doesn’t carelessly throw you off the window but safely takes you to your destination. It’s the kind of train you repetitively board and fall in love with. Under its roof you’re safe and appreciated.”


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